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Automatic Transmission Repair

Diablo Transmission offers expert repair, rebuilding, and replacement of all automotive transmissions.

Family lineage is important in many time honored business traditions. Multi-generational involvement in a particular area assures the consumer that the business carries a long standing reputation for fairness and that its owners bring with them decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise. Consumers expect to see multi-generational, family-run wineries, bakeries, restaurants, and artisan/craftsman type businesses. Yet, it comes as a surprise to many when they find that Diablo Transmissions derives from a long family history in automatic transmission repair. We have earned your trust through decades of providing honest workmanlike quality and outstanding service.

Who we are

Competitive Pricing - Unequaled Quality

We at Diablo Transmissions are focus on providing value and quality while trimming prices to the very lowest point possible.

As an intelligent consumer you are not looking for the cheapest automotive repair. You are searching for the best value!

We use only top quality parts, often better than the original pieces your car came with from the factory. Transmissions are assembled by the best trained technicians in the industry. And, your rebuilt transmission is installed in your vehicle by these same experts. Your vehicle is cared for by expert hands. We appreciate your business. We show our appreciation by carefully completing for every detail of the job. The quality shows!


Customer Service

Our goal is to provide customer service that is so good it will surprise you! With that in mind, we offer the following online features:

Feedback: Send a message directly to the owner of Diablo Transmissions. Comment upon your experience with us. Tell us what we did well and scold us if we failed in any detail. Your comments will be taken to heart. How we do business in the future will be based upon your input.

Request A Quote: Online quotes. No haggling, no surprises, nothing hidden. Quick reply.

Make an Appointment: Tell us when you can most conveniently bring us your car. Arrange towing or a rental car if necessary.

Extra Service - Extra Care!

We offer our customers a whole list of services not usually available from other shops:

          Free shuttle to and from our shop
          Free Rental Car with repair

          12/mo same-as-cash financing w/approval
          Factory rebuilt replacement option
          Full maintenance service capability
          Comprehensive general automotive repair

As the only local distributor of "Certified Remanufactured Transmissions" we offer choices other shops cannot provide.

With wholesale prices available on factory remanufactured transmissions, we can provide exactly the service your vehicle requires. If a simple repair of your existing transmission is the best avenue, we can do the repair in our expertly staffed shop. A complete rebuild is often the best answer and we do these in house with full warranty. But, situations demand a complete transmission replacement. Unlike most shops, we can replace your entire transmission at an extremely attractive price.


Wholesale Accounts

Register: Free registration for credentialed wholesale customers. Repair shops, fleet operators, and car dealers are eligible. Register for confidential pricing and on-the-spot delivery.


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